Important points to be noted before online Exam
Please read carefully the Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) regarding the Online Mode.
Instructions For Candidates:

Candidates shall login into the system ( with the same Username and Password that were used at the time of online Registration.


After successful login, click on the Download Question Paper button. This button shall appear 10 minutes before the commencement of examination.


The button to upload the PDF file(s)- Upload Answer-Script shall appear 30 minutes after the commencement of examinations.


Candidates have to prepare PDF file(s) with their scanned pages of the Answer-script and upload the same by clicking on the Upload Answer-script button
latest by one (01) hour from the completion of examination.
Examination Centres are also requested to receive Answer Scripts from the candidates opting for ‘Online Mode of Examination’ (if any) within
one (01) hour from the completion of the concerned Examination.


At the time of preparation and uploading the PDF file(s), please follow the below points:

a) Candidates may upload multiple PDF files instead of a single PDF file for an Answer-script. However, the maximum number of PDF files cannot be
more than 10 (ten) and maximum size of each single PDF file cannot be greater than 2 MB.
The candidates are advised to write the answers in such a way that the number of pages used is minimum in order to ensure smooth uploading in a
prompt manner. This can be done by minimizing the gaps in between the lines or by making the letter sizes smaller but distinct.

b) The candidates do not require to rename the files to be uploaded in the prescribed format as previously mentioned in the SoP. The system shall
automatically rename the uploaded PDF files in predefined filename format.

c) Each PDF file may contain more than 1 (one) page. However, the number of pages in a single PDF file shall depend upon the size of the file. In no cases, the PDF file size should be greater than 2MB.

d) Submit a declaration with the following information in the last page of the scanned document:
Total No of Pages used in the Answer script :_______
Total No of PDF files uploaded:______

Candidates are advised to use minimum resolution at the time of scanning of pages of the answer-scripts to accommodate more pages in a PDF file. However, the candidates must ensure themselves that the contents in the PDF files are well visible to the examiners. Blurred/illegible Answer-scripts shall not be accepted for evaluation.


It is advisable to the candidates that they should check well in advance with some test pages about the quality of the scanned pages in the PDF file and the maximum number of pages that may be accommodated in a single pdf file (maximum size not exceeding 2MB) so that they do not face any problem at the last minute on the day of examination. Further they should get the necessary software installed in their devices for converting photo/ image to PDF files (jpg/jpeg to pdf) well ahead of the examinations.


It is also advisable to the candidates to get ready with their user id and passwords well in advance. If anyone has forgotten his/her password, the same can be generated by clicking the Forgot Password button in the web portal.Never share your user id and password with anyone else.


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Working Hours (10.00 AM to 6.00 PM)
Mobile No:- 08472880277/ 09769199421 / 09619452109
Toll Free Number : 1800212005599

I hereby declare that Dibrugarh University shall not be held responsible for slow/poor internet connectivity or power failure during the Examination.

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